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Court Times and Rules      


Hours are subject to change at anytime. Please see court reservation system for availability.
9 - 11 OPEN
11 - 5 by RSVP
(temporarily unavailable 5:30 - 6:30PM)

OPEN 6:30 - 8:30 

9 - 11 Open
11 - 5 by RSVP
12 - 3 by RSVP
7:15 - 8:30 Open
Open 9 - 11
11 - 5 by RSVP
9 - 11 Open
11 - 3:30 by RSVP
Saturday night rental (after sundown) $45/hour for members $55 non-members
9AM - 1PM Open (pending availability)
Please note: New guest rate: $10 each after 1 trial session
RSVP will be lost after 15 minutes if players do not arrive. 


General Club Policies

Members, families and their guests shall abide by all policies of the facility as they may be amended from time to time.

The facility shall be open on the days and during the hours as established by the complex.  Areas of the facility may also be closed for scheduled maintenance and repairs. The complex reserves the right to close the facility to hold promotional events and tournaments.

Performance by entertainers will be permitted at the facility only with the permission of the complex.

Dogs or other pets (with the exception of a Seeing Eye dog) are not permitted at the facility except with the permission of the complex.  Where dogs are permitted on the grounds, they must be on a leash at all times.  Members are responsible for damage caused by an animal owned by the member or under the member’s control.

All complaints, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any of the operations of the facility or its employees must be in writing, signed and addressed to the Building Manager.

Members and their guests may not abuse any Newburgh Jewish Community Center or Kol Yisrael employees, or other guests, verbally or otherwise.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted.

Self Parking is permitted in areas identified as such.  No parking will be allowed on grassed areas. No parking signs must be observed.  Violators may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on premises or property.

Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are not permitted on the property at any time.

Use of the facility may be restricted or reserved from time to time by the complex.

Violation of any of these rules and regulations in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the complex will subject the person in violation to disciplinary action which could include termination of membership by the complex in accordance with the policies. 

The personnel of the complex will have full authority to enforce these policies and any infractions will be reported to the management of the facility.

In no event shall the facility or its members discriminate against any individual because of the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or marital status.

All players MUST sign in. 


Members are responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of their family members and guests.  Any member whose conduct or whose family’s or guest’s conduct shall be deemed by the complex to be likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of the club or its members or otherwise improper, may be reprimanded, fined, suspended or expelled from the complex and have all privileges associated with the membership suspended or terminated.  Newburgh Jewish Community Center shall be the sole judge of what constitutes improper conduct, but improper conduct will include, without limitation: failure to meet eligibility for membership, submitting false information on the application for membership, failing to pay any amount owed the complex in a proper and timely manner, failing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth herein, abusing facility personnel or employees, or acting in a manner incompatible with the standard of conduct of the existing membership or which would likely injure the reputation of the members of the facility.

Proper clothing and hygiene
  • Appropriate athletic shoes only. No street shoes, boots or sandals are allowed in the gym.
  • Clean workout clothing is required. 
  • Please keep all valuables at home. Again, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Please avoid the use of heavy perfume or cologne.
  • No belt buckles, blue jeans or loose jewelry may be worn in the gym.
  • Tennis shoes or rubber soled (no black soles) shoes must be worn when in the gym.
  • There will be no hanging on the rims or nets of basketball goals.
  • Only basketballs, soccer balls and volleyballs are permitted in gym in addition to Pickleball equipment. 
  • No food or gum is permitted in gym. Only water bottles with lids. Please take them with you when you leave. 
  • Small children must be accompanied by an adult.

Subject to change any time.


Members - NO CHARGE

Non-Members: $10.00/per day effective 1/1/17


The courts are available for private rentals by request for $55/hour or $175 for three hours.

Please check the Court Reservation Calendar for Open Availability. 


Courts can be reserved for 2-hour time slots by members. Open Pickleball is open to all players.


Paddle rentals are available for $1.00/day to non-members.


Paddle Review: Tyro 2 Pro 

Our pickleball program has completed its review of the Tyro 2 Pro paddle, with overwhelming approval. At least six different players, both men and women, played games with the paddle and I have summarized their findings below, along with my own. The findings were universal, except for those I note separately. 
1. All felt the paddle inspired confidence in their game because it supplied excellent power as well as control.
2. It was very well balanced.
3. The weight of the paddle was liked by all, including both the physically stronger and weaker players, as well as by both the men and the women. No one felt arm fatigue after playing with it and were ready to continue play after all games were over. We spent 2 hours using the paddle. 
4. Several players commented that the power to weight ratio was excellent. The power players were used to playing with a heavier paddle (which often supplies more power due to its weight) but felt the Tyro 2 Pro did not sacrifice power for the lighter weight paddle characteristic (an advantage for players who want to play for longer periods of time).
5. "Very responsive paddle" was a common remark during evaluation. 
6. One male player (with a large hand) wanted the handle to be slightly longer, but the handle is a standard length when I measured it.  
7. All players found the grip fine with excellent non-slip qualities. One player said the grip was non-slip but preferred grips with a ridged feel (personal preference). I found the grip to be terrific. 
Overall, the feedback from all players regarding the Tyro 2 Pro was excellent. One player will be using it rather than his regular paddle for a tournament he is in this coming weekend. There were no real negative comments about the paddle. All who used it felt it was an excellent paddle.  I also want to thank Pickleball Central very much for supplying the demo paddle and all expressed a willingness to demo other paddles should the need arise. Please feel free to post this review if you wish too. 


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